piątek, 14 listopada 2008

Word of Mouth Marketing Summit

Od 12 do 14 listopada w Las Vegas odbywała się konferencja poświęcona marketingowi szeptanemu Word of Mouth Marketing Summit.

Poniżej prezentacje z tej konferencji:

1) Keynote: Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com

2) The Recessionistas: Selling WOM Ideas in 2009: Linda Saindon

3) DuPont's Award Winning Use of Social Media as a Strategic Channel for Communication: Gary Spanger

4) From Impressions to Conversations: Measuring Word of Mouth in Public Relations: Idil Cakim

5) Trends in Informal WOM Information and Usage: Sherri Stevens

6) InterContinental Hotels and Communispace Present: Transforming Loyal Guests into Brand Advocates: Andrew Lynch

7) How an Agency Developed a Proprietary Word of Mouth Planning Tool: Christian Kugel


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